In spite of the fact that the information about a fast return of the ambassadors of the European Union countries to Minsk was received, as it seemed, from reliable sources, this event has happened still somehow unexpectedly.
For the moment, the resolution on Belarus, accepted by the European Parliament on March, 29th, became the last episode in the aggravated Belarusan-European opposition.  
Recently, while studying the efficiency of the sanctions, experts apply a two-level approach. First, theyevaluate the work of the sanctions from the point of view of their achievement of political concessions.
According to the rules of the political game, the purpose of the ruling group existing in Belarus is to preserve its political power. Accordingly, the purpose of the opposition should be the rise to power.  
In Belarus,the mass protest actions after the elections to Russia’s State Duma have caused especial interest in the Russian presidential campaign because, unfortunately, its results can have a considerable relation to the destiny of our country.
Sooner or later, any authoritarianregime comes to its decline. Such is the nature of non-democratic regimes, and everybody understands it, except dictators. Dictators seldom look into the future; they care of the present, and they are sure that this...
In the final conclusions of the EU Summit on March, 2nd, 2012, the European leaders invited the EU Council to proceed with its work on further measures concerning Belarus. The discussion about the propriety, efficiency, and scale of the sanctions is...
As it is known the diplomatic conflict was caused by the latest (February, 27th) expansion of the EU’s visa sanctions in relation to the Belarusanregime. It is important to pay attention to a remarkable moment that precededthe session of the EU...
The stalemate in the EU-Belarus relations is not a unique case in international relations. Today’s events in far Myanmar (Burma) are illustrative. During the latest 20 years, this one of the most authoritarian countries in the worldhas passed the...
Against the background ofthe sharp deterioration of Belarus’ relations with the European Union after the events on 19 December 2010 and the intensive advancement of projects of economic and other integration with Russia, there is a feeling that we...