About Center

Center for European Studies is an independent organization bringing together researchers and experts who stand for the European choice for Belarus. It is expected to be a medium to assist establishing communications, developing cooperation and as a result arising new ideas.

The Center is an expert and intellectual base promoting closer relations between Belarus and the European Union. It carries out research as well as provides governmental and non-governmental organizations with expert views on different issues.

The Center strives to contribute to a self-consciousness of Belarusian citizens based on the European values, and as a result bring Belarus back to the European community.
The Center attracts young specialists and university graduates in the field of international relations, European studies and European law etc., thus, enlarging a number of specialists in this sphere.

The Center promotes itself as an expert and intellectual base for the European movement in Belarus.


  • improvement of understanding key processes and challenges in Belarusian-European relations;
  • creating a platform for dialogue and discussion on various issues of Belarusian-European relations, that will be accessible both for the specialists and the general public.



The Center provides independent expert analyses, space for expert and lay discussion of international political issues, and proposals for possible solutions to those issues. Its activity is focused particularly on the Belarus-EU relations area, Belarus and its relations with other countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, South and North America.


The Center for European Studies offers a broad range of educational activities. The educational projects are targeted at high school and university students, post-graduate students as well as on their teachers. The Center familiarizes students with the topics of the European Union and development cooperation. The Center emphasises alternative educational methods in its activities.

Cooperation with Media and PR-actions

The Center provides expert commentaries for Belarusian newspapers, television, broadcast and other media.
The Center supports pro-European projects and activities in Belarus.


The Center publishes expert studies and policy recommendations, translates articles and books of the European authors connected with various aspects of political, economic and cultural development of Europe.

Европейский конвент – Процесс, приведший к разработке европейской конституции, был инициирован в декабре 2000 г. благодаря Декларации ...